Why Our Products?

Our commitment to stringent quality control measures guarantees that only the finest products reach out customers

Pure Himalayan Sourcing

We source our ingredients directly from the deep heart of Himalayas, ensuring unparalleled authenticity and quality.

Unique Range

We offer a diverse range of rare Himalayan treasures, from Yak dairy to Shilajit, catering to various tastes and health food preferences.

Local Expertise

We offer high-quality products sourced directly from indigenous communities. Our collaboration supports local economies and ensures each product embodies age-old wisdom and sustainable practices.

Excellence Unleashed

We redefine quality standards, ensuring that every product is sourced directly from their pristine origin no middle-men involved which ultimately surpasses consumer's expectations, delivering an exceptional culinary experience.

Green Gastronomy

We are on a journey of sustainability, where our practices echo a commitment to the environment, ensuring a positive impact with every bite.

Beyond Boundaries

Ghepan Foods brings global accessibility to the Himalayas, offering a diverse range of products that captivate taste buds worldwide.

Diverse Culinary Exploration

Venturing beyond the Himalayas, we bring you the richness of South Indian flavors, adding a vibrant tapestry to our eclectic range. Explore the diversity, savor the authenticity!

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What our clients say

We truly value the feedback from our clients, as it is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. Here's what they have to say:

Harshita Singamsetti

DM Consultant & Health Enthusiast

During the recent festival season, we indulged in the saffron from Ghepan Foods. Its addition to our pulaos and sweets elevated the flavors to a whole new level. The potency of this saffron is evident from the moment you use it – a little goes a long way. The rich aroma and vibrant color it imparts to dishes are unparalleled. I highly recommend everyone to give it a try; it’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys culinary excellence.

Ashish Bradwaj

IT Expert & Health enthusiast

This product is very authentic and gives good results on overall health.

Devlina Sharma

Program Manager at a Big4 company

Definitely trying this combination for increased immunity, better gut health and glowing skin!!

Kailash Joshi

IT Expert & Health Enthusiast

Excellent product! Pure and Authentic, have been using for a month felt completely revitalized 🙌 🎉

Abhinandhan Julka

Vice present at a Big4 Firm

Just received my ordered package of dry fruits from Ghepan foods. I appreciate the quality and packaging that kept the items in excellent condition.Also ordered Shilajit, ordered it for the second time. Must say this is your hero product.


Student & HEalth ethusiast

Your shilajit resin is an amazing product 💯

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