Ghepan Foods boasts a dynamic and diverse team, a collective force of individuals united by a shared passion for delivering the best. Hailing from various backgrounds and expertise, our team members bring a rich tapestry of skills to the table. From seasoned professionals in agriculture, Ayurveda, and food science to local guides with an intimate understanding of the Himalayan and southern Indian terrains, our team is a harmonious blend of experience and local wisdom. Together, we collaborate with dedication and enthusiasm, ensuring that Ghepan Foods stands as a beacon of quality, authenticity, and innovation in the global food industry.

VG Lakshman


VG Lakshman, the visionary entrepreneur behind Ghepan Foods, brings a resolute spirit and passion for bringing pure, organic Himalayan products to the global stage. He founded Ghepan Foods with a vision to bring these authentic treasures to global markets, enriching the culinary landscape with the purity and richness of Himalayan and southern Indian ingredients.

Ghepan Foods - Satinder Rudingwa - Director

Rudingwa Satinder


Rudingwa Satinder, rooted in Lahaul’s serene landscapes, symbolizes a dedication to sustainable agriculture and conquering high-altitude challenges. His commitment to zero-chemical farming aligns with Ghepan Foods’ mission to source pure, organic products from diverse Indian regions for global consumption, embodying a shared commitment to sustainability.

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B Sai Siddhartha Reddy

director of oeprations

Lakshman foresaw his pivotal role in Ghepan Foods’ operations, and Siddhartha embraced the offer, marking the start of their transformative journey. With a fusion of shared vision and expertise in Operations, Siddhartha symbolizes adaptability, commitment, resilience and openness to new challenges, propelling the company towards greater heights in the food industry.



Himabindu, a former IT employee, transformed her journey after exploring the Himalayas. The experience reshaped her perception, fostering an appreciation for organic and healthy food practices. Motivated by this, she transitioned to contribute in the health food sector, driven by authenticity and a commitment to society, aspiring to offer wholesome solutions and promote healthier living.

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V Pavith

Operations Manager

Having served as a sales and marketing manager in logistics and aesthetics firms with a Master’s in International Business from Royal Roads University, Canada, V Pavith was drawn by Ghepan Foods’ visionary impact in the food industry. Her diverse professional journey and fervor for the company’s vision positions her as a catalyst for impactful contributions to the organization.

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Stuti Singh

department of research

Stuti Singh, a skilled ICMR researcher, specializes in Himalayan herbs, collaborating closely with local Amchis. Her pivotal expertise in herbs like shilajit, milk thistle, and nettle leaves greatly enriches our understanding. Founder Lakshman encountered her during his research, gaining invaluable insights. As an advisory member, Stuti educates customers about our products, ensuring a deeper appreciation for their authenticity and health benefits at Ghepan Foods.

Lobzang Tenzin


Lobzang Tenzin, an esteemed Amchi with an Ayush degree, embodies ancient medicinal expertise at Ghepan Foods. Hailing from a generational line of Amchi practitioners, he bridges traditional and contemporary healing. Tenzin’s role ensures the authenticity of our Ayush-related offerings, contributing to the pursuit of genuine Himalayan products.

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R Rampal


R Rampal, a 62-year-old Lahaul native, shifted from education to farming four decades ago. His extensive local connections and profound wisdom guide Ghepan Foods, solidifying our alignment with the community’s ethos. Rampal’s unwavering support strengthens our ties to Lahaul, allowing us to flourish while honoring the region’s essence.

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Stanzin Wangbo


Stanzin Wangbo from Zanskar, Ladakh, plays a crucial role in our local guidance team, contributing valuable insights. His region, home to rare species like yaks, snow leopards, and blue sheep, exclusively practices organic farming. Stanzin is a cornerstone figure, aiding in sourcing pristine products like pure wheat and black peas. His profound understanding of the sensitive region and its offerings makes him an invaluable support, ensuring Ghepan Foods maintains a commitment to quality while respecting the unique ecosystem.

Om Prakash


Om Prakash, a Zanskar native, provides crucial insights into the region, expediting our procurement processes and saving time. Despite owning a homestay, he generously aids us by facilitating connections and offering precise information. As a knowledgeable local guide, Om Prakash is indispensable in the challenging terrains of the Himalayas, streamlining operations and serving as a valuable resource for our endeavors in the Zanskar region.