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Shilajit, sometimes referred to as salajit, shilajatu, mumie, or mummiyo, is a varyingly thick exudate that ranges in color from pale brown to blackish brown and is formed from rock layers in several mountain ranges across the world, particularly the Indian subcontinent’s Himalayan Mountain ranges. Shilajit is also found in Russia, Mongolia, Tibet (PRC), Norway and other countries where it is found in small quantities from the mountain ranges at an altitude of 1000 to 5000 m. 

Shilajit is such a miracle drug, which has the property of all the rasaousadhi (herbo-mineral formulations). Shilajit is a kind of Maharasa dravya have rasayana (Rejuvenating) and yogavahi (Synergistic) property. Due to its rasayana (rejuvenating) and yogavahi (synergistic) action, it is indicated in hrudshula (pain in heart muscles). It also helps in strengthening the heart muscles. The references of Shilajit are found in Puranas, Indus valley civilization and even in Kautilya Arthashastra. It is said that the mountains getting heated due to strong sun rays of Jeshta and ashada months melting the mineral rich rocks yielding a resin kind of semi-solid liquid, which is called Shilajit. Shilajit is found from high mountain passes where rocks are enriched with minerals and precious metals when sun rays hit these rocks evaporate. When fumes keep accumulating on rocks from centuries then Shilajit is formed.

Savrana, Rajat, Tamra, and Lauha Shilajit are the four types of Shilajit that have been discussed in the Charka Samhita. Gold Shilajit is Savrana Shilajit. It has a red hue. Tamra is blue in colour and a Ccopper Shilajit. The Lauha Shilajit is a brownish-black Shilajit that contains iron, whereas the Rajat is a Silver Shilajit that is white in colour. The last form, Lauha Shilajit, is frequently found in the Himalayan ranges, although Tamra and Savrana Shilajit are uncommon.

The active compounds present in the Shilajit are responsible for its beneficial bio-chemical activity. Together with minerals (in their ionic forms), fulvic acid and other active organic compounds are found in Shilajit. Fulvic acid aids in the transfer of these minerals into cells to preserve and replenish their electrical potential, so averting their deterioration and demise. Shilajit facilitates the body’s synthesis of energy and aids in metabolism. It keeps the balance between anabolism and catabolism, improves the body’s ability to absorb and detoxify, and boosts the production of red blood cells and the immune system.

On the basis of current research conducted on the utilisation of the Shilajit for humans, which mitigates certain health issues. It is important to understand appropriate usage of Shilajit as a health supplement and break the myths related to consumption of Shilajit for increasing the sexual stamina and appeal. However, it is precious herbo-mineral resin helpful for multiple health issues. Below, we mention the examples of few of the studies related to the benefits of Shilajit.


High altitude problems like hypoxia, acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema, pulmonary edema, insomnia, tiredness, lethargy, lack of appetite, body pain, dementia, and depression may occur when a person or a soldier residing in a lower altitude ascends to high-altitude areas. These problems arise due to low atmospheric pressure, severe cold, high intensity of solar radiation, high wind velocity, and very high fluctuation of day and night temperatures in these regions. These problems may escalate rapidly and may sometimes become life-threatening. 

Phyto-complex in SHILAJIT with Potential Pro-cognitive Activities

Recent investigations point to an interesting medical application toward the control of cognitive disorders associated with aging, and cognitive stimulation. It has seen in research that it can help in decreasing the aggregation of Tau protein the brain i.e., Alzheimer’s. However, the studies are still going on, the treatment/therapy of Alzheimer is not proven yet.

SHILAJIT helps with fatigue Induced decrease in muscular strength

The usage of Shilajit supplement after gym training or muscle fatigue scenarios elicited favourable muscle and connective tissue adaptations by enhancing the function of mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell). Basically, Shilajit increases the ATP concentration of a cell which eventually contributes in the muscular strength.

SHILAJIT helps with retaining bone mineral density in postmenopausal women

As we know that almost 12 minerals are important for strengthened and strong bones. Shilajit extract reduces oxidative stress (cells attacked by free radicals present in the body), inflammation, and bone loss to dose-dependently preserve bone mineral density in postmenopausal women with osteopenia.

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